Custom Chenille Patches

Netpro Patches has been making custom chenille patches for more than 15 years. Chenille has a wonderfully artistic texture and style using many shapes, patterns, and colors to complement athletic patches, letter jacket patches, chenille emblems, award patches, and many more. For enhanced durability, we also offer embroidered chenille patches, with many embroidery colors available.

The most common chenille patch request is for a chenille varsity letter, which has been the foundation of school awards systems for over a century. Varsity letters are awarded to those who have achieved after countless hours of study and exams or practices and games. Letters grant students recognition that they have achieved a great amount on behalf of the institution they represent.

We offer chenille varsity letters because we believe in the American tradition of celebrating these accomplishments. As a result, we provide:

- 5% off for every re-order 
- Free sample
- Free shipping 
- Chenille up to 6 colors 
- Embroidery up to 12 colors 
- Unlimited revisions
- 2-3 business days rush turnaround time

What’s more, all of our custom chenille patches and embroidered chenille patches boast a high stitch count. Let us help you keep your traditions going by creating patches that will transcend generation after generation.

Our selection of chenille patches includes:

Shape and Panel Patches

Sport Patches

Music, Fine Arts & Activity Shape Patches

State Patches

Varsity Letters

Numbers, Positions and Weight Classes

Graduation Year Patches

Script Names & Words

Academic Patches

Numerals, Stars, Bars & Chevrons


Mascot Patches

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