Motorcycle Patches

A biker’s motorcycle is what he holds most dear -- it’s part of his very identity. It reflects his attitude,personality and even his way of life. Similarly, anyone who has watched the motorcycle drama Sons of Anarchy knows how important motorcycle patches are to every motorcycle club. On every club member’s motorcycle vest are at least several patches that not only display the name and artwork of the club (typically a back patch), but also additional information denoting the member’s rank on the front in the form of a title patch. (We also make rocker patches.)

Netpro Patches provides motorcycle and biker patches for individuals,motorcycle clubs, vest companies,and web stores. We have the necessary experience to make only the best custom motorcycle patches.Let us know exactly what you need and we’ll fulfill your order to your precise specifications.

In addition to providing custom patches for your existing motorcycle vest, Netpro Patches offers brand new motorcycle vests for purchase as well that can be customized to your liking. Not only is a motorcycle vest home to all of the rider’s patches and club information, but it plays a deeply functional role as well, providing safety for the torso should the rider fall and skid on the asphalt during the course of an accident.

If style is what you are truly after, you will find Netpro Patches’ selection to offer plenty. Concealed carry vests, cooling sport vests and heated vests, along with stylish, functional vest extenders. Browse our entire selection of motorcycle vests to find the right one for your needs.