Soccer/ Football Patches

Soccer patches can come in the form of team patches that identify a jersey as belonging to a particular team, or in the form of individual patches that allow for the recognition of accomplishments achieved throughout a season or career. These iron-on soccer ball patches make great incentives for practice or game attendance; coaches use them to motivate players and as rewards. 

Soccer players love these iron-on soccer ball patches --they really look good on the player's jerseys. Colors can signify achievements, such as a black patch for each 2 practices or games attended, red for hustle or brave play, green for assists, blue/yellow for good defense, etc. Players love these and many coaches asked us where to buy them, so we decided to offer them. They could also be a good item to sell for a club fundraiser.

Team patches are typically attached to a jersey above the left breast. Individual patches handled by Netpro Patches typically include custom designs that recognize team captains, player numbers, league or district honors and team championships.Additionally, Netpro Patches also designs mascot patches that add to the color and personality of any team jersey.

It is important to note that Netpro Patches’ custom soccer patches are not limited to kid and adolescent levels. Often teams and organizations at the adult and professional level order our patches, as well.